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Hutchison Water

Li Ka-Shing
Owner of CK Hutchison
​​​​“From my point of view, Israel is not a small country. This country is a gushing fountain of knowledge and capabilities; it is a fascinating place offering endless opportunities. The People of Israel are a proud people, with a heritage that gives its citizens roots and thirst for knowledge”- Li Ka-Shing, Owner of CK Hutchison.

​CK Hutchison holdings Limited, a Hong-Kong international company, owns substantial holdings in businesses across a number of industries, including port operation and development, telecommunication, energy, retail and infrastructure. The company employs a quarter million people in 52 countries across the world. Hutchison Water, Established in 2008, is part of the CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, and is offering a wide range of projects in the water and water related business. In 2012 Hutchison Water acquired Kinrot Ventures, an world leading Israeli technological incubator for water and cleantech technologies, forming Hutchison-Kinrot. Hutchison-Kinrot provides a unique platform for developing and commercializing water, Cleantech, Internet of Things and cyber security innovations with valuable access to international markets.
The incubator enables promising early-stage start-up companies to gain access to the highest levels of business, operational and technical expertise in the water and Cleantech industries. Hutchison Water facilitates the world largest and most advanced SWRO desalination plant in Sorek, South of Tel Aviv, Israel, together with IDE. The plant sets significant benchmarks in desalination capacity and water cost, resulting in substantial savings for the local water market. The plant supplies 20% of Israel’s urban drinking water demand.

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