About Us

About Us

​​​The Foreign Investments and Industrial Cooperation Authority is an integrative body in the Israeli Government dealing with the promotion of foreign investment and management of offset in Israel. The Authority serves as a one-stop-shop to serve you, the investor, on behalf of the Israeli government. Our advantage lies in our ability to bridge between the needs of our clients in the private sector on the one hand, and to promote activities within the framework of the government on the other hand. We are here to help you shine.

Foreign Investment Promotion

  • Conferences in Israel and abroad, with Israeli and foreign high-ranking business and governmental officials.
  • Organizing and guiding delegations from Israel abroad and vice-versa, as well as setting up meetings with key figures from industry, academia, and government.
  • The Commercial Attachés representing the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry spanning over 40 countries from developed and developing countries, works in direct guidance and coordination with the Authority.​ ​
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Project Management

  • The Authority employs managers in multiple sectors who are experts in their specific field, including automotive, life sciences, renewable energy, water technologies, aerospace, metals and more.
  • The managers guide potential investors from the point they express initial interest all the way through to making the investment, and are involved in the ecosystem of every field.
  • The Authority's standing within the government allows foreign investors to receive friendly and expedient care from relevant decision makers.
  • Connecting foreign companies bound by offset procurement agreements with Israeli companies for the purpose of forming mutually advantageous industrial cooperation that turns regulatory obligation into real business opportunities.​
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After-Care Services

  • The Authority operates a support center for foreign investors offering assistance in the variety of issues and challenges they may confront. Assistance in expanding operations and executing re-investments by companies and investors with existing local activities.
  • The Authority promotes the formation of a friendly environment for foreign investment in the government policy level, in full ​cooperation with the relevant entities
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