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Starting a business



Company Registration

Registrar of Companies 

All companies in Israel are required to be registered at the Registrar of Companies. In order for a foreign company to operate a business in Israel, whether it is an Israeli branch office or a subsidiary company, it needs to register at the Registrar of Companies.

The following documents should be submitted to the Registrar of Companies in order to legally register a foreign company in Israel: 

  • ​List of the company’s directors, including their passport numbers.

  • Power of attorney form bestowing upon an Israeli representative the responsibility for officially representing the company in Israel.

  • The full name, address and national identification of an Israeli representative appointed to receive legal notices on behalf of the company.

  • The company’s Article of Association and its Hebrew translation certified by a notary.

  • Company certificate of incorporation from its country of origin signed by an apostille. In cases where the country of origin does not issue such certificates, the lawyer handling the registration should deliver a signed letter declaring that such certificates are not issued in the country of origin, in addition to an official documentation indicating that the company is registered with the Registrar of Companies in the country of origin.

  • ​​Hebrew translation of the company’s certificate of incorporation certified by a notary.

  • Status approval from the state of origin - document proving the company is active in its country of origin and the document’s Hebrew translation.

  • Proof of payment of the registration fee (currently 2,614 NIS, approx. 654 USD).

After a company has been successfully registered, it is issued a unique 9-digit unique identification number. 

Tax Authorities and National Insurance Institute 

Once a company has been registered with the Registrar of Companies, it must also be registered at the Israel Tax Authority (VAT and Income Tax departments) and at the National Insurance. 

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Income Tax

he registering company must fill out form number 4436 of the Income Tax Department of the Israel Tax Authority. The form includes basic details about the company. 

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​The registering company is also required to register at the VAT Department of the Israel Tax Authority prior to commencing business operations. In addition – a foreign entity that conducts business in Israel needs to appoint a local VAT representative whose permanent place of residence is in Israel and who will assume the responsibility of handling all VAT issues. The representative will be treated as the person liable for VAT. VAT form 22 (Application for Registration as Foreign Dealer) and form 821 (Registration for VAT purposes) should be completed and signed by all parties. 

1. Registrar of Companies certificate of registration. 

2. The company’s Articles of Association. 

3. A contract proving the rental or purchase of company offices. 

4. Document proving the possession of an Israeli bank account. 

5. A lawyer/accountant’s certificate declaring the company’s (a) authorized signatories, (b) directors. 

6. Company directors details – ID numbers, addresses, phone numbers. 

7. Company stamp. 

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​The National Insurance Institute

Separate registration at the National Insurance Institute is not required. A copy of the form submitted to one of the relevant tax offices is transferred to the National Insurance Institute and the same filing number is used for both authorities. 

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