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As we head into 2017, there’s no question that investors are still very confident in Israel. Internationally recognized as a seat of innovation and creativity, Israel has captured the protracted attention of the global investment community as a highly attractive site for investment. Noted for its thriving entrepreneurial spirit, its pioneering technologies, profitable business opportunities, and high returns on investment, it is no wonder that so many multinationals have chosen Israel as a site to establish business operations.

In over 300 multinational R&D centers operative in Israel, Israeli brainpower serves as a pipeline of innovation to the world, developing the technologies that help keep leading MNCs ahead of market curves. MNCs such as Microsoft, Motorola, Google, Apple, Facebook, Intel, HP, Siemens, GE, IBM, Philips, Lucent, AOL, Cisco, Applied Materials, IBM, EMC, and Toshiba spark the long list of MNCs who have realized that Israel is their ideal choice for investment.

What’s more, a string of MNCs have established advanced manufacturing facilities in Israel as well, including: Applied Materials, General Electric, Hewlett Packard, Intel, Marvell, Motorola, National Semiconductor, Phillips Healthcare, Tower Semiconductor to name but a few. These companies have realized the advantages of sitting their manufacturing plants alongside their R&D teams here in the Startup Nation and benefit from the speed of communication between these two essential components of taking their products to market.

This week, hundreds of MNCs, VCs and 300+ start-ups from around the world will be visiting Israel to take part in the 2017 OurCrowd Global Investor Summit taking place in Jerusalem. This will be the largest investors event in the Startup Nation and will host 5,000 investors, venture and corporate partners, entrepreneurs, global delegations, industry leaders and press members from all over the world.

This year’s theme is “The Future Is Here”, focusing on the cutting-edge companies, those which creating technologies that changing the world right now, and the collaborative venture capital revolution that changes the face of investing.

I’m looking forward to attending alongside the team of Invest in Israel, the Israeli Government’s investment promotion authority, part of the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Our mission is to be the one-stop-shop contact point for foreign investors considering Israel as an investment target, work with them and help them make the right decision – to invest in Israel. 

At the event we will be meeting with many MNCs and foreign investors looking to increase their presence in Israel, or to invest here for the first time. I hope to meet you there for what will surely be an illuminating and unforgettable day.  

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