The BRIDGE: Israel-Australia Investment Summit

The BRIDGE: Israel-Australia Investment Summit 27.11.2016

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The Israel-Australia investment summit was held this November in Sydney, Australia. This is the second year that the Foreign Investment and Industrial Cooperation Authority participates in the summit. The conference invited more than 350 investors, VCs and entrepreneurs from various sectors, including cyber, Agritech and more, to meet and learn about the different opportunities the connection between Israel and Australia brings to the business world. The conference lasted two days and included panels, company pitches, networking meetings and B2B meetings.

There main panel, titled "The Bridge: Interconnecting our Ecosystems", brought together entrepreneurs, investors and government officials from both countries, discussing the different ways to work together on foreign investments.

On the second day of the conference, a panel on the subject of advanced manufacturing was held, which presented managers of high-tech companies from both Israel and Australia, as well as experts in the field.

Mr. Hovav Ref, Director of Investor Relations at the Foreign Investment and Industrial Cooperation Authority, opened the final part of a conference which highlighted investments in Israel. Mr. Ref showed the ways in which Israel can help and support foreign investors in the completion of the investment process in Israel. "The Authority is a bridge between the private sector and the government", said Mr. Ref. “We will be happy to help any investor who’s interested in a great investment opportunity.”

Among the speakers were Dov Moran, Managing Partner at Grove Ventures, known for the invention of the USB. Mr. Moran gave a fascinating lecture on the world of entrepreneurs from his own perspective.

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