BOE delegation visit to Israel, December 2016

BOE delegation visit to Israel, December 2016 10.01.2017

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The Chinese BOE company delegation arrived in Israel at the initiative of the Economic Attaché in Beijing for a visit of acquaintance with the Israeli ecosystem, in order to examine potential investments and cooperation with Israeli companies and VCs in the Healthcare industry.

BOE is a Chinese giant company whose operations and profitability (revenue of $7 billion in 2015) are in the area of ​​ Display Devices (one of the largest players in the manufacturing of TFT-LCD screens). The company wants to diversify and expand its activities to areas of Smart Systems and Healthcare Services as a future growth engine. Today BOE owns one hospital in Beijing, looking into identifying and implementing innovative technologies for their future plans of the establishment and management of a network of hospitals in China.

The itinerary included three intensive days, which included meetings with start-ups, funds, investors, incubators, as well as a meeting and a tour of Sheba hospital and BioJerusalem.

The visit included a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Israel Innovation Authority. Representatives from the Foreign Investment and Industrial Cooperation Authority and the Foreign Trade Administration, presented the company with the unique Israeli ecosystem and particularly the field of Healthcare. They also presented the company with the vast possibilities of assistance and guidance they offer in the process of examining investments and cooperation in Israel.

BOE showed great interest in the technological innovation Israel has to offer in the fields of ICT and Life Sciences. This was a first visit to the country for the company’s two senior representatives, and they expressed great appreciation of the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Attaché for organizing the tour, as well as a very positive impression of the Israeli ecosystem.

Members of the delegation:

Leono Guo, Vice Chief Sales and Marketing Officer;

Claire Su, Director of Global Cooperation;

Frank Qi, Senior Researcher of Overseas Market.

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